Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My Long Thanksgiving Weekend

I worked all weekend. Fun! Fun! Working on another shift just makes me really appreciate the people I work with. They are a really good bunch of human beings. We may bicker a little but we always remain friends. We even find time to hang out every once and a while. It’s hard when we are all working overtime. In fact we planned a little get together at Pier’s house Friday night but Fred made dinner and I had to work at 7am Saturday so Fred and I decided not to go. They told me tonight they all had a good time.

Back to the shift from hell…… I really can’t say that Saturday or Sunday were bad days. I answered phones and helped with breaks on Saturday. I work the PSL West channel on Sunday. No one fought or argued or bickered. Everyone basically got along well. It was the yelling and complaining about officers, calls and miscellaneous crap. Saturday the big deal was change. One of the girls did not get her change from lunch. There was no receipt so we all guesstimated. She was the last one to retrieve her change and there was none left. She called the restaurant and because she ordered her sandwich special (not a menu item). She had no clue what the price was of her sandwich and then she waited almost 5 hours to call no one had a clue how much she was charged. The manager finally worked it out but then there was the price of a dessert brownie she ordered. She was very upset with the price (apparently it had gone up since the last time she was there) and the fact she did not get the ice cream that goes with it. She basically ruded the guy out. Needless to say we wont be able to order there safely again for awhile.

Sunday was really nice. I worked the slowest radio in the center it was pleasant and I was able to finish a chapter for my book. As the day progressed the Fort Pierce dispatchers started getting loud and the complaining grew in intensity. At one point they were both having cows over an officer going off duty without responding to a call. There were some mitigating circumstances but she did notify the sergeant and because he did not act all bent out of shape the dispatchers had a bigger cow. I was very happy to go home after that display of professionalism. Now to be fair I have had my moments over the last few years. I have had hissy fits and temper tantrums on the air and I have made a complete fool of myself a time or two. However even I believe I would have handled the incident with a little more tact. The dispatcher made an assumption and that was her mistake besides if the sergeants don’t care why should I. I notified him it’s no longer my monkey.

I just have to say how thankful I am for having wonderful coworkers that make my job more pleasant.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Getting Ready for Turkey Day

I have been shopping all morning picking up last minute items for home and work. I have to work this year so we are all preparing a dish for dinner on our shift Thursday night. I am bringing a ham. For some reason no one wanted Turkey. I picked up a nice 8lb spiral cut from Sam’s and I was thinking about using a champagne glaze on it. MMMM I can’t wait.

Because I have to work Thursday we are planning on celebrating our Thanksgiving on Friday. I bought Fred a 20lb bird last week and he is going to brine it. He is making sour dough stuffing, green beans, sweet potato pie, and banana pudding. I think I will make some yams and either buy some corn on the cobb or make a large salad. We will be eating left overs for a month.

Shit! I forget to pick up a couple of bottles of wine and cider for the children……. I guess I need to run back the Publix after all. The stores are packed so I know I will enjoy another shopping trip. Sam’ was a night mare. I had to park in the back 40 and walk 2 miles to the store. (Well maybe not that far but it seemed like it!!!!) I purchased what I needed and bee lined for the check out which was thankfully not that long. Back home by one o’clock so I can clean my house then go to work. I get to work all week. Nothing like getting lots of overtime on a holiday check, it will basically pay for what little Christmas shopping I have left. My children mostly just want cash and to go shopping.

I have a supervisor’s workshop (Yuk) at 4pm and O.T. to work until 1am, Lucky Me.

Monday, November 21, 2005

I feel so stupid

I keep thinking that I am computer savy but it's times like this that make me humble. I now understand what Lxius was trying to get me to do. I have heard of a program called Ventrillo but it did not click until this morning. I was watching a clip on wimp.com this morning and it hit me. They just wanted me to download it and use it for communication purposes. My husband and son use it all the time when they game. I dont know why I did not think of it.

I apoligizes for being cranky it must be getting close to that time..............

Sunday, November 20, 2005


I have been playing a lot of WOW lately. I made a character on a new realm and I have been working hard to level up. I have made it to level 16 in a short period of time. Not to shabby.

I made a female mage named Mystical. She is a pretty cool character especailly after playing my level 55 hunter on SkullCrusher for so long. The higher I level the more cool abilities I get to play with. However I need to vent a little tonight.

I am trying to join a guild. I thought it was pretty cool; Women of Warcraft. I thought it would be nice to play with other like minded women on my favorite on-line game (obsession!!!!)

It has all of a sudden become a real chore. I joined and was accepted last week through the web site. I have been a little busy this week and I did not get a chance to contact the officer so I could join on the actual game. Today I take a few minutes to join and I am turned down until I jump thru a few hoops. I am a little annoyed to be honest I still think it is a cool guild and I can understand a little security because of all the 12 year old assholes that can make the game tedious but come on. It’s just a game.

I usually don’t even join guilds. In fact the last time I joined one it became mine by default. I logged on one day and everyone was gone, Lucky me.

I am the goddess of Warning on Skullcrusher just me all by myself.

I sent my blog address to the guild to maybe show Lxius who I am and I am sorry if I offend by writing this entry on my blog but seriously why all the hassle? If you don’t like someone or they represent themselves as someone they are not boot there buts out. It that easy.

Well I feel a little better but not much I have to go to work now so that is depressing in its self. I could play all night if I could get away with it. Level 20 is just a couple hours away.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Life Back to Normal

It has been one week since my outpatient surgery and I think it is safe to say life is back to normal. At least I look more like myself I actually have color back in my skin. My tan actually came back. I went back to work Wednesday night, I was a little tired at first and amazed I made it to 0500 hrs with out nodding off. However by 0530 hrs, I could not keep my eyes open. Last night I did a little better I did not doze off until about 0600 hrs, I did this while trying to type up training DORs. I had several lines of ZZZZZZZ at on point but I somehow managed to get my work done and get out of the center and home in one piece. My bed time for the last week has been 10pm so it will take a few days to get back to my regular schedule.

I treated myself and had my hair cut and colored Wednesday. Lori our hairdresser cut over 5 inches off the back and gave me a nice dark brown color with red highlights. I don’t think I will ever color out of the box again. It is so perfect and all the gray is gone. I had just dyed it 5 weeks ago and my gray roots where all over the place. The dye I have been using had pretty much washed out, another reason for never doing it myself ever again. It took her 30 minutes with a hair cut and style (which I badly needed) and she was done. I sit with nasty dye in my hair 45 minutes and reek for 2 days and she’s done in 30 minutes. Yes I need to go ahead and call and make my appointment for next month and Hey! I might even schedule a pedicure. I have caught myself walking around barefooted a lot and you know what that does to you heels. Yucky! I really need to pamper myself more often.

The insurance company just called they are actually doing claims over the phone. The nice lady asked me a few questions as far as what kind of damage we have and asked me to get estimates for the roof, pool enclosure and rewallpapering/painting the Florida room fax them to her and they would issue us a check minus my 3300.00 deductible Ouch!......

That was way too easy….. Should I be scared????????

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Friday is the big day

My doctor’s appointment was short and sweet. My RBC was 8.1 yesterday not good because I have been taking mega doses of Iron and it should be up not down. Dr LH had her nurse schedule my out patient surgery for Friday. She did not want to wait any longer seeing as how I am damn near close to a blood transfusion. She will probably have to give my a little blood before surgery at this rate. I feel like such a vampire.

I spent all day at the Outpatient Department at Lawnwood filling out paper work, giving blood, urine and getting a chest X-ray all prep for surgery. I am having what is called an Endometrial Ablation and a DNC instead of a hysterectomy. This should take care of the problem and if it works I will never have menorrhagia again ever ever!!!! If it doesn’t work I get to have a hysterectomy but I really don’t want to even think about that at this time. I have two friends at work that have had the procedure and are very happy with the results. I read the studies and there is only a 2% chance that the procedure won’t work. I have my fingers crossed. Friday 7:30 and I’m done.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's raining

It has rained all day and we have a leak in our roof. It is in the Florida room and on the seam between the interior and exterior wall which means I don’t have to worry about drywall its all CBS. The wall paper is falling off but we had planned on removing that anyway. The ceiling however is already beginning to stain there is a small brown spot in the corner which will grow I’m sure into a large stain as it continues to rain.

My mother dropped off a tarp last week which is now a good thing since I will be needing it to cover my damaged roof. Thanks Mom. I guess the next thing we do is call a roofer and get an estimate and get it fixed before we have to start replacing the ceiling. So far no other leaks have been located knock on wood.

We still haven’t finished cleaning up the back yard FPUA did not show up so I still have a tree lying on our electric line in the back yard. My pool looks great Sean – pool guy came today and cleaned out all the leaves and set the creeper back up, except for a few stray leaves floating on top of the water the pool itself is clean and blue again. It just wont stop raining long enough to enjoy it. Fred's off tommorrow so I am sure he will be back there cleaning up what he can unless he is on the roof nailing down the tarp. We will see.

I get to see my Dr. in the morning. I called out sick my third day in a row. I think I have taken 5 sick days this year that is a record for me. I used up all my sick time 10 years ago with the birth of my youngest Erin. Since then I have accrued over 500 hours of sick time. I plan on using a few more hours until I have my surgery. I feel better this evening than I have in the last couple of days. I think I have less stress. I have resigned myself to the fact that I just need to stay home and take it easy. Work will get along without me just fine while I try to get better.

Erin was selected as a Lynx Leader for responsibility for her work as Captain of the Safety Patrol and Beth has to do the opening announcement for the Honor Roll ceremony at her school both events are tomorrow. I will go to Erin’s for as long as I can. Her program starts at 9:15 my Dr.’s appointment is at 9:45. Beth is on her own. She was so funny tonight she stayed up late because she had to wash clothes so she had something nice to wear in the morning. She went over her speech twice this afternoon to make sure she had it right. She is so nervous but she is really a fine speaker.

My children I love them to death I am so blessed to have had wonderful children. Don’t get me wrong they are not perfect my son skips classes. He sleeps through his alarm. He flunked his English class last semester and is fixing to flunk it again. My Beth is a hypochondriac and Erin is a cry baby but if that is all I ever have to put up with I will be ecstatic. None of them are straight A student’s but they hold there own. They do have morals and a great deal of common sense and sometimes that is more important than the highest IQ. Remember there is a fine line between genius and insanity. I know I live in St Lucie County and we have some of the smartest loonies around or is it we have the most. I dont remember.