Sunday, June 29, 2014

Water Barrell

I found a couple south of us who have very similar goals as we do. They have chickens and a garden and are trying to eat fresh and buy local. They make water collection barrells and Aquoponics barrells. I purched one of there water barrells and set it up the other day and of course since then we have had no rain to speak of. Today it sprinkled a little but not enough to even cover the bottom of the barrell.

Next week I pick up my Aquapomics barrells. I can't wait!!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

St Augustine 2007

I haven't blogged in a while so I decided to post a few pictures I've taken over the years. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy 24th Anniversary!

Even as I approach my late middle age and try to act mature and wise, I know that I am very childish when it comes to truth and fairness. My husband has told me often that life is not fair and I know this but the little girl in me cries every time she witnesses an injustice and has to swallow the fact that people she looks up to are only human and often fall prey to lies, laziness, greed and politics. I often wonder what happened to the good guys? I know they are out there because I married one 24 years ago. He saved my life. He is my hero!

I find it upsetting that we have struggled all our married life to be honest and open with each other and have tried to impart the same morals of truth and honesty to our children. We have failed often as parents and partners but we are human. Thankfully, God gave us forgiveness and the intelligence to learn from our mistakes. As we have watched our children grow into maturity, we know that we have not failed to pass along the values and morals that our parents imparted to us. We have taught them that hard work and integrity are important but as I watch them enter the work place I wonder if we were wrong and have sadly misguided our children by teaching them a fairy tale.

Thankfully my husband kept very little from our children. I tried to protect them from the world but he came home everyday and told them about what he did and the things that went on in the street. He told them the stories of death and life and the good and the bad. He taught them reality but he also taught them to put themselves out there and help when they could. My hero frequently reached his hand out to help people and he has made a difference even if it was only for a brief period of time. Even when he failed or when a person did not understand the concept of friendship, it did not stop him. He still puts himself out there and tries to make a difference and I proudly watch my children try to do the same.   

Our children have celebrated with us our success and suffered through our failures and we have survived each conflict stronger than we were before. I am so thankful that God blessed me with a partner who was strong enough to accept me with all my baggage, tolerate my stubbornness and having the tenacity to stay even when we were at our lowest. I know they say love is blind but my eyes are wide open and I love this man more than ever. I would not change a thing about him nor do I regret one moment that I have spent with him.

No matter what happens in life from this day forward, you have always been and will always be my hero!

Happy Anniversary! I love you!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good Bye 2013 Hello 2014!!

Tonight I plan to get shit-faced and I deserve it. 2013 has been a hell of a year. I am at my wits end but I have learned just how strong I am and were that strength ends. I have been humbled by all that this year has thrown at me. I beleive stronlgy in karma but I can not recall doing anything that terrible to have the year I have had. Maybe its not me but the people around me. Do I blame 2013 on my husband and children?  My co-workers? My Mom? Was I just an innocent by-stander of bad luck or am I really Evil Kathy Pate as my hubby calls me?

As I talk about what an awful year it has been I find almost everyone I come in contact with has had the same year I have had. So many people I know have lost loved ones and have had other terrible issues with their health or just plain bad luck. I really havent talked to anyone who has had a banner year. Really bad things have happened to just about everybody I know.

So I am glad to see the backside of 2013 and I am determined to enter 2014 with a positive attitude but only after I get stinking drunk and spend new years morning good and hung over. I get to work New Years Evening and we are planning to have blacked eyed peas and cabbage for dinner for good luck. I plan on eating alot of peas. I need a lot of good luck this year to make up for last year!!!  

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Todd the Rooster

This is our first adventure with chickens. We purchased 5 pullets or so we thought. My daughter did an excellent job naming Todd. Todd was the largest hen in our little brood who we recently discovered is in fact a rooster. 

Todd the rooster started crowing this morning. It was pretty pathetic but he was trying so i whipped out my handy dandy smart phone to capture the moment on video only to discover that I have no more memory. A moment lost as poor Todd has settled down for the day. I am hoping I might get lucky and he will crow this afternoon because tonight he will be dinner. We live in a residential area and I am sure my neighbors would not appreciate crowing in the wee hours of the night and early in the morning.

I am going to miss Todd he was a pretty little thing but the rule when we started this experiment was that any bird that didn't lay eggs went in the freezer. Man I am not looking forward to this...............    

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Public Service Announcement

I haven’t posted anything in a long time about my job because there are a lot of privacy issues that I obsess about and feel that most of what I hear really should never be repeated but the other night something very disturbing happened and tied up our 911 lines for almost 10 minutes and I have to express my shock and displeasure.

I am a 911 operator and dispatcher and we field many calls that are not emergencies but do require some type of response from Police, Fire or Rescue which is fine and don’t worry if it is not an emergency I will place you on hold and answer other lines if I need to. However at around 0125hrs the other night our phones lines were inundated with multiple non-emergency calls that did not require any form of emergency assistance or response.

The electricity went out in a large portion of Port St Lucie.

Many people called to let us know.

One person complained because they were walking there dog and the street light were out and they could not see.

One person complained that they were cramming for a test and they could not see to study.

One woman called because she was afraid and I stayed on the line until she found a source of light…..this however I could understand and did not mind staying on the line to assist her.

We gladly take calls for traffic light malfunctions however remember when you took your driving test any intersection with a traffic light that is malfunctioning should be treated as a 4 way stop.  It was a question on your driving exam……… At a busy traffic intersection during rush hour officers will respond for traffic control but at 0130 hours in the figure it out.

Most people just wanted to keep us informed but..... 

We know and there is nothing we can do about it and we have no clue why and we do not know for how long. And when we tell you to call your power company for that information……

No. We do not have the phone number we are not 411. We do have the number for emergency response but the lights’ being out is not an emergency. It is an inconvenience and we don’t call and ask why.
Do not call 911 when your lights go out call your power company or if applicable call an electrician and no we do not have the number that is 411 and no we can not refer you to an electrician we are not allowed to.

If a transformer blows, catches fire and drops live power lines then please call 911 imediately. We will send the Fire Department and Police. If your medical equipment you need to survive malfunctions during a power outage please call we will send you and ambulance. If you hurt yourself because the power went out, yes PLEASE call 911 we will help you. That is what we are here for. But please use some common sense people, power outages happen sometimes especially when it gets hot and everyone is trying to keep their houses cool. Sometimes transformers blow and relays malfunction and when this happens the power company knows and has a crew en-route as quickly as possible. It is not the Zombie apocalypse and the world is not coming to an end.

Trust me when the power goes out we know because so do the traffic lights and someone will call and let us know or the officers on the road will notice and also let us know.

Sometimes when the power goes out it includes the 911 center so we know.

When you call to let us know the power went out, it ties up our lines and interferes with calls that maybe true emergencies and may delay a response to someone who truly needs help.  Tying up our 911 lines with no-emergencies like this means there is a delay in answering and you wonder why no one is picking up or when we finally can get to your call and we are not pleasant when you tell us the lights are out it is because you are the 5th person to let me know and there are 2 more lines ringing that I can't answer because you want to know why and wont let me off the phone.

Well now you know.

This has been a public service announcement and thank you for letting me rant!

I feel better now! 

(Just so you know I may have exaggerated a little on the complaints as some were second hand so don't quote me in court. This is just a blog people.)        

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Todd _ Hen Ruler of the Universe!

 These are my girls, my biddies, my reds. These are my Rhode Island Red Hens.

And this is Todd....I don't know why my daughter just said so..... 

and when I think about Todd, it always reminds me of one of my favorite silly movies - "Mom and Dad Save the World" with - John Lovitz aka Emperor Tod Spengo. 

I of course have to giggle every time a see poor Todd. She is however the dominant hen of the coop or Hen Ruler of her Universe. 
(If you notice they do sport many of the same colors.)

All Hail Queen Hen Todd! Unless of course she fails to lay eggs then it is - All Hail Fried Chicken with gravy and mashed potatoes......