Friday, July 28, 2006

Erin and Kitty in Our New Computer Room

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My New Florida Room

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Breast Feeding is sexual? (Click here)

All I can say is OMG PEOPLE GROW UP. I know my husband was a little jealous when I breast feed our daughters but please breast feeding was never in anyway sexual and anyone who beleives that is either dirty minded or never enjoyed the experience of bonding with a child. I am ashamed that people are so small minded that they do not understand that breast feeding in any forum is not inappropriate. Breat Feeding is a natural, wholesome and satisfying experience. I don't remember hearing anyone complain about Brittany Spears recent nudity on the cover of a recent magazine. I'd be more concerned about that picture disturbing my 13 year old son. Personally I don't see anything wrong with the photo and all I have to say is if a 13 year old wants to see real breast and a whole lot more, all he has to do is pick up Mom's Victoria Secret catalog or peruse Daddy's Playboys hidden in the closet. I am sure a 13 year old adolescent male would find the pictures in those publications more exciting.

The word of the day is.....Hypocrite.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nap Time

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It’s been just a little over a month and I still feel like I’ve been run over by a truck more or less. The pain is almost gone unless I have spent the day over doing it or have pulled something again. My scar is still very sensitive and gets irritated easily so I wear nothing that is even remotely tight. As far as energy I have none. I have no ambition and most days I am afraid to do anything because I might hurt myself. I am getting very tired of feeling this way but I have no clue on what to do to get better other than not do anything. I can’t do that although I have tried.

My house is still a mess I really was hoping it would be finished but know but maybe next weekend. There is dust everywhere and I try to keep it out of the kitchen, dinning room and living room. I make the girls sweep and mop. Erin has been keeping up with the laundry and Beth cooks. I help clean up the dishes most nights and I shop.

I did go to my Spanish class today. I did fairly well for sitting as long as I did. The chairs are really uncomfortable but the worst part was the giggling. It still hurts to laugh and I did laugh a lot. It is after 1 pm. and I am already sore and uncomfortable I think I am going to end up on the couch for the rest of the day or maybe a nap actually a nap sounds really nice.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pretty Baby!

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Beth took this picture. I think it came out real well.

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!

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Warren's New Kitty

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Meet Warren's new Kitty. His name is Awol and I don't know why. He has been trying to bring a cat home for the last several months and we finally caved. It's hard to tell him no when we just brought home a new rabbit. Awol is barely 6 weeks old we have had to ween him and potty train him but he has learned quickly and Warren is hoping he can eventually teach him to use the toilet. We wish him luck.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Florida Room Update

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Fred painted and Craig put up the ceiling fans and finished up the electrical. It's starting to come together.

I am so tired..................

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I have been doing way too much the last couple of days and I was so tired I did not get out of bed until after 9am. After an hour all I wanted to do was go back to bed. I finally changed out of my pajamas sometime near noonish. I played WOW for a few hours this morning but I think I've had enough gaming for right now. I have so many things I want to do but I just don’t have any more energy.

This weekend the house was pretty busy with the remodeling and I was good. I watched T.V. mostly and wrote a little. We watched the World Cup Saturday and Sunday. I have to admit I don’t know anything about soccer....... On Monday Fred wanted to do a little shopping so we headed for Vero. Fred stopped at the Outlet Mall and bought himself some new sneakers. His old pair is now covered in white paint. We stopped at the Farberware store and browsed then headed for Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We spent almost and hour in that store and spent a lot. We found several items on clearance including king size sheets for our bed. We bought 2 sets and a set for Erin. Beth did not want anything. We purchased a few other odds and ends then headed to Michael's. Fred had me buy a vase and some silk flowers for an arrangement for our new server in the dinning room. It actually came out pretty nice.

We stopped for lunch at TGIF's, to the book store and then onto Sears. By the time we left Sears I was seriously dragging. Fred wanted to take me home but Erin mentioned seeing a movie so we saw 'Pirates of the Caribbean 2'. It was a long movie and it was good but left me hanging and I hate that. I was felling a little better after the movie so we stopped and looked at mattresses. We are hoping we have enough money left to buy a new mattress at the end of the month. Fred actually found the one he wanted for a reasonable price. The salesman was not happy when he we explained to him a second time we weren’t ready to buy yet. He was graceful enough to give us his card and he wrote a reduced price for the mattress we were looking at. I slowly made my way back to the van I was dying but I perked right up when we went next door to 'The Marble Slab' and had ice cream. It was very good but I think my favorite is still 'Dairy Queen". By now I am wiped and all I want to do is go home. I was in bed early and slept almost straight through the night. I had planned on making Tuesday my down day but that did not work.

We all needed hair cuts. Beth has been begging me to let her cut her hair and I needed a trim and color so Fred called Lori and we were able to get an appointment at noon. She was having a slow day. Beth now sports a cute little bob, Erin had her hair trimmed and had her tips died black. (see above photo) My roots are red again and Lori styled my hair the same way I wore it in the 80's when I first met Fred. I brushed most of the puff out and I pretty much looked normal again but it was pretty funny looking there for a while. I headed straight home after that because I was feeling tired and starting to get sore. Fred was nice and let me relax for several hours before he dragged me to Home Depot for more money spending. We have done a wonderful job spending almost all of our insurance money. We bought a new rug for the living room and more concrete. We made a quick stop at Wal-Mart for groceries and then back home. I passed out on the couch about 11:30 I woke up and went to bed.

I am still tired but I am having such a hard time trying to stay off my feet. There are so many things I want to do and sitting around on the couch or in front of my computer is starting to take its toll. I wish I had more energy. I know that I am getting better but not as quickly as I had hoped.

I hear my pillow calling me it must be nap time again.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My Bedroom


Behind Fred's very messy and dusty computer desk is my bed that has been pushed up against the far wall. My room is so filthy it is not funny. There is dust everywhere. Will this ever end............. Posted by Picasa

My New Computer Room


As you can see it is still not finished. I had hoped it would be done last weekend but they ran into complications. Fred promised it would be done this weekend..... Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 10, 2006

Kasia and Basia

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Kasia came up this weekend to visit and to pick up her new pet a week old squirrel she named Basia. He was not in very good shape when she picked him up on Friday but by Sunday his belly was full and he was squirming around and popping his head out of his pouch when he was hungry. He will defiantely keep her busy.



He is so cute and the girls baby him. They made me buy him a harness and leash so they could walk him out in the front yard. Of course this backfired this weekend and they had to chase him around the yard when the harness came off. Midnight was quickly caught and then carried around on Erin's shoulder the rest of the afternoon. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Meet Midnight!


This is Midnight, he is a Dwarf Rex and is 2 months old. He is very sweet and docile but likes to nibble on Erin's fingers. He is so cute....... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July


Today has been a long and mostly pleasant day. I rearranged some of the mess my home has become and we watched a perfect launch of the space shuttle this afternoon. I have been more tired today then usual but I really did over do it. I had my two week post op check up yesterday and everything looks good so I just assumed I could do whatever I wanted not!!!!. I am driving again but I dont think that is nessecarily a good thing. I made a trip to Sam's today and by the time I finally made it home I was hurting and exhausted. I picked up a package of ribs and pulled something so I wont be doing that again for a few days. I will try to be have but it is so hard.

Our adventure in home remodeling is not quite a nightmare but it is starting to become a bad dream. We did not get too much done today. Fred has tommorrow off and he is suppose to get the Florida Room painted. Craig needs to finish up our closet and then Fred will be able to paint in there and that room will basically be done for right now. We will be using the small room as a computer room until we can afford to remodel the bathroom then it will become a nice large walkin closet. I cant eait for all tis to be done.

Anyway this evening the girls and I sat outside and set off a few fireworks. It was a beautiful night breazy and only a few mosquitos out. I took several picures but this one ended up being the best of a bad lot. Erin is blurry but still cute. We sat out there for over an hour enjoying the pleasant weather. I wish it was this nice all the time. I wish I had a better flash on my camera........... Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 03, 2006

Florida Room Construction


This is what it looks like right now I'm hoping tommorrow I can post the after.......... Posted by Picasa

Before Construction Florida Room


This is what our cluttered Florida room originally looked like.....see ugly south western motif on the walls and tile. I like the tile but it is very slick when it's wet not good with a pool on the other side of the sliders. Also see WOW screen on computer monitor!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa