Saturday, March 18, 2006

Jacksonville rock 105

Check it out they have a pretty decent web site but nothing about MGD yet.

I love to listen to classic rock because I know all the lyrics to most of the music (Showing my age) but my husband yells at me when I sing................ he says I need a bucket??????

Mark Summers, Genny & Dahmer Update

If you have'nt already heard MGD are back in Florida they will be the new morning show that replace Lex & Terry on Classic Rock 105 in Jacksonville. They are still too far away but they are back in Florida. I have grown accustom to listening to them on my computer. I am just so thankful they will be back. Thanks for all the great comments........................

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Another day in Paradise

I added a local newspaper article about the county I live in. Apparently we are in the top 20 of the fastest growing counties in the nation and with all the building that is going on around me I'm not surprised. I keep telling Fred as soon as out house is worth $500,000 we are selling and getting out of Dodge. The value of our home has already increased 100,000 since we purchased it last year. If people keep moving in to St Lucie county and house prices continue to soar it might be sooner than we think. Fred says we should hold out for more because we still both have a few years before we can retire and we still have 2 more children to put through college. UHGGGGGGG................

We are working hard to get the house back in order, the screen patio salesman from Pioneer came to the house yesterday and we basically went with the design he drew up several months ago with the addition of a large doggy door and the company will be removing and hauling off what is left of the aluminum structure still attached to our house. The salesman said he could have the pool enclosure back up by the end of April. Work orders have started slowing down and they have actually started laying off employees. They have quite a few contracts for new construction but that work is based on the near completion of the house and most of the new construction is just starting to go up. We are happy and will be even happier if they can get the patio back up before the mosquitoes get bad.

The grapefruit tree that was lounging on our power lines is gone which is sad because it was in full bloom and it smelled so sweet. I love the scent of orange blossom. The tangerine is still intact but it has not bloomed yet but I can wait.
We had a very nice crop of tangerines this year Erin tried her best to eat as many as she could. Erin and the children next door spent several afternoons pulling the fruit of the tree and have become very good at it. It is bare. I have one slight problem when Eric our neighbor cut down the grapefruit it still had the staghorn attached to it. Fred left it lying there when he picked up all the branches so I guess it is my job to find a new spot for it and get him to help me rehang it. The damn thing is huge and weighs several hundred pounds. We originally had 2 and he made me get rid of 1 of them but I'm not parting with this one.

We have had a busy week and we have had only one minor catastrophe. One of the circuit breakers blew at the box and it needed to be replaced. It was for the front patio and hallway light and we really did not think anything about it Fred would buy a new circuit breaker and replace it and it would be as good as new. Last night Erin went to pull out meat from the freezer to defrost. To her horror everything in the freezer was already defrosted, infact it was starting to get rank. Fred just bought groceries Saturday. We think the circuit blew Sunday. Fred had to go back to the grocery store last night and stock up. Thank goodness it wasn't full. I usually keep a ham and a turkey but I had cooked both of them in January and the other in February and had not replaced them. Erin morned the lose of her fruit pops but I will buy her more Friday when I shop.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

We have a new fence and AC today

Fianlly it is done, the fence is up and it only cost us $75.00 out of pocket. The insurance company gave us 175.00 to repair exsisting fence and we did. We fixed that fence so the dogs can not get out and terrorize the neighborhood. Thank God for Eric our nieghbor, he helped Fred put it up and it looks pretty good. Eric had his own fencing project he needed to do so when Fred told him what we were doing Monday he went and bought a bale of chainlink. Fred helped Eric put up his section of fence and then they came over here and finished ours. They had the job completed by 6 pm yesterday. Im so proud of Fred and the dogs are happy.

Cujo and Zack spent all evening in the back yard. Cujo our 7 month old dane rottie mix chewed on everything he could put in his mouth and Zack ran from one side of the fence to the other side barking occasionally at god only knows what. Zack our brindle pit mix is all talk and no action and it was funny watching him walk around the yard all bowed up like he was the alpha male protecting his turf. Butch our old man just did his business and wanted to go back inside. He is 12 and his body dose'nt work like it used to.

Today we are cleaning up the aluminum that has been lying in my yard since Wilma hit us last year. Fred borrowed his dad's truck (the house is fine and all the tomatoes are gone) and borrowed Eric's Sawzall???? and our yard should be almost back to normal by this afternoon. We still have the grapefruit tree lying on the power lines and since FPUA has never returned to cut it down, Eric said he would take care of it.

My good luck has not run out yet, today Grimes AC is coming out and installing our new 5 ton AC unit, not that there is anything wrong with the ancient unit that sits outside our home but Eric's father in-law is installing a brand new AC. Their old unit is only 5 years old and works great. Fred and Eric got with the AC company and for $400.00 they will install the new unit after they finish Eric's house.

Today is a good day. It is also Warren's 20th birthday today. He has class and then he is going shopping with his friends to buy himself a new flat panel monitor for his computer. We will take him out for dinner and desert tonite and my birthday present to him was paying his car insurance for the last time and not making him pay rent for 2 months. He was happy.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Re-enactment Bunnies and Working the Weekend

At the 911 center, we work 12 hour shifts. We work every other long weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday. Friday and Saturday are almost always busy but Sunday it is usually slow enough for us to make breakfast and generally goof off.

This morning we are having pancakes and eggs. While we are waiting for our food to cook in between harrassing each other and answering phones we like to visit the angry alien web site. It is so cute we always get a good laugh.

Life at our house has been pretty normal. We work, we come home and we play World of Warcraft. In between killing the bad guys and slaying beast on our search for the quest that gives us the most experience points, we some how manage to keep up with laundry and tidy up the house. We take turns making dinner except on Thursday or Friday which is usually pizza night. The girls just finished up their FCATs and we are confident they both passed. Erin had did not do to well on the math section but her reading is excellent. Warren goes to school, works and hangs out with his friends when he is not playing WOW. This is what is refered to as domestic bliss and I can live with that........

Donna Happy Birthday I'm sorry I forgot...... Love You.......

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

AHB Africanized Honey Bees

I had a Supervisor's Meeting today and this was one of our main topics. "Killer Bee" have invaded Florida through our ports and now we have to learn to live with them. We are setting up SOP for responce to an attack. It was interesting.

What to do if you encounter these bees.

1. Run fast and far they may chase you as far a 3 football fields.

2. find shelter in a vehicle or a house.

3. Cover you face with your hands they will go straight for your face in an attack.

4. If you encounter any bees move slowly do not make any noise leave the area as soon as possible.

5. If you see bees near a school day care or public area call your animal cantrol office or the fire department. If it is an emergency especaiily if someone has been attacked call 911.

Remember the bees have come in through Floridas ports and were probably spread by 2004/2005 hurricanes. I would not be surprised if they are found all over Florida,
hopefully they are watching Louisiana and Mississippi. The only way you can tell the difference between native/european bees and Africanized bees is only after you have been attacked. They are very aggressive.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bank Roberry and other stuff

We had a bank robbery today. I answered a hang up from the bank and tried to call it back only to be hung up on again, so I sent a screen up to dispatch and called back.
I was sitting back in my chair expecting maybe a disturbance with a customer or nothing at all when a female finally answered the phone at the branch and told me they had just been robbed. I sat up and went into automatic and pumped her for information as fast as I could, nothing like a little adrenaline to get you going in the afternoon. Deputies responded as quickly as possible but the suspect was gone.
We have taken several calls from local residents with possible names of suspect but so far no one has been arrested. It is very unusual to have a female do these types of crimes however we have had 2 female armed robbers in the last month. We had one lady rob several business in Fort Pierce but she was caught when she went a picked up her 16 yoa daughter and her friend from K-mart and was on her way home when she was caught by LEO. She had the teenagers and her infant daughter in the vehicle.

This woman from today's robbery kept telling the bank employees to not let them hurt her kids. She was crying and repeated it several times. The theroys thrown around in the center are 1/ someone made her do it and threatened her children, 2/ she was so desperate to take care of her children she felt she had no other alternative, or 3/ she was hopped up on drugs out of her mind and looking for money to buy more drugs.
Who knows the detectives will figure it out eventually.

It's hard to say what will drive a woman to armed robbery but I am sure this trend will become more common as people have a harder time finding jobs and paying bills. We who are already in bad relationships may find themselves alone with no support trying to raise children on little or nothing. The economy is getting bad and we are just starting to see the effects.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Fort Pierce Police Department

This is an interesting read if you have an hour or so less if you read fast. This is just some of the garbage that has been floating around the police department for the last several years and it looks like it is coming to a head. I am going to stand back and enjoy the fireworks.

Just Click the Title and it will take you to the web site..........