Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Yard - A Garden

I have a black thumb but every year I try to plant something. This year I had the opportunity of time so last month with hoe in hand I started a real garden. With a little help from my children, we managed to dig up a small garden plot where I went crazy and I am now growing beans, squash, cucumbers, carrots, and radishes with the space to grow okra or some mystery tomatoes I found growing in my pepper container. Please ignore the weeds and grass. We used a shovel to turn the soil and its funny how quickly grass roots bounce back.

I see a gas powered tiller in my future maybe for my birthday!

I usually grow tomatoes since I love them, they are expensive and I like to save money. I have not always had good luck however last year I planted cherry tomatoes and fell in love. I have almost always used containers. It is easier to water and keeps the dogs out of them but this year I decided to take a chance and plant a few tomatoes and peppers by the patio. I am still using my containers but I have them spread around the yard where I can maximize the sunshine. I went from 5 plants last year to 11 plus this year. However with more plants and garden means more time spent outside in the yard versus playing on the computer or Xbox. The sacrifices I have to make for my family.......sigh.

I started a lettuce garden last year. I planted in the front flower garden area by the front door and it is doing very well. I have arugula, a red leaf lettuce and several romaine plants I just put in. There are two other greens I have no idea what they are but they are growing like crazy. They have actually bolted and are a little bitter but I hate pulling them up because I like the flowers they produce. I put some basil in a planter and started some cilantro, sage and thyme from seed in a planter by my front door and they to are starting to coming up. I cant wait to have fresh herbs in the house to cook with.I have always loved gardening even though I have experienced massive failures but I would rather try and fail then never try, plus the rewards when you succeed are delicious!!!!

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