Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Busy Day

I know I promised more pictures today and I know its getting late. I finally managed to upload on Flickr and I am trying to finish uploading on Youtube but the internet is so slow today.

I spent all morning standing in the rain in front Isolla Bella off 25th st. Our friends are on vacation out of state and their house flooded. There was at least 3 feet of water inside the house. My brave family had to wade in chest deep water to get to the house.

T.S. Fay_0644

They recovered a lot of property but only managed to find one of their cats.

T.S. Fay_0636

The media was every where. CNN showed up and took an air boat through the worst hit areas off Bell Ave.

T.S. Fay_0633

Ellie and I tried to stay out of their way. Al though I was a little disappointed they did not capture Erin carrying a cat through waist deep water. I was lazy and only caught her walking up through the cars. My brave baby was drenched but happy she found at least one of the cats.

For all Ellie's friends, here is your school. It looks wet but seems okay even if it was built near a swamp.

T.S. Fay_0628

I got the call a little while ago, our EOC was activated. A state of emergency has been issued. There is the threat of 6 more inches of rain over night and tomorrow. Which means more houses will flood and more people will be displaced. It is going to be a long week.


I hope the EOC parking lot is not so flooded tomorrow.

P.S. See my Youtube for videos.... There lame but who cares. Just Click on the Title Busy Day. For some reason 5 of 5 wont upload so I will try again later.

Can you believe it is still raining!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Faye, Faye Go Away

It is still raining. I just let the dogs out in the pouring rain because they could not stand it anymore. I have no idea when they went out last. It stopped raining about 4pm maybe a little earlier but not by much then it started up again at about 6:30. It has not let up. There was no school today and there will be no school tomorrow. St Lucie County is closed all the roads are flooded.


Our parking lot is flooded. I almost had to wade to my car this afternoon.


But Susan was nice enough to wade through the water in her goulashes and drive it up to the back door of the center. I Love Susan!!!!


I was able to drive home almost totally dry. Thank you Susan. I will add video tomorrow bit tonight I am tired so off to bed I go. I hope it's not raining in the morning.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Vacation in Missouri

Why Missouri? Why not!


We have friends that have purchased a cabin in the Ozark Mountains near a town called Brixey population 5. They are constantly talking about how great it is in the Mountains. They also told us about a house and acreage that was for sale for the right buyer. So we went to take a look.


This trip was an adventure to say the least. I thought I was never going to find a decent place to stay. I finally found a cabin in a place called Dawt Mills. It was a thriving little town many years ago. Now it is a jumping point for canoing, rafting and trout fishing. They have a campground, hotel and two cabins. We stayed in the Dinnell Cabin. It was originally a one roomed structure that has been added onto over the years. It was very rustic but very comfortable.


They have a small store, restaurant and the old mill and sits right on the water. Very cold water I might add.


Once we were settled; we started exploring the area. We ate at the Tecumseh Grill our first night in town. I wish I took a picture of the restaurant; it was very unique. We had a decent meal of Cornish Hen and the owner's special was fried fruit pies. Elizabeth fell in love with the peach fried pie.

Dawt Mill_0474

We went into Gainesville the next morning population 632 which is the county seat of Ozark County. This is a very small town. We left there after eating breakfast at Skeeter's and went to see if we could find Brixey. We wanted to take a look at the house. We did not find it or should I say we could not find the trail that took us up to the house. We went back to Dawt Mill and grilled out that night and hung out in the cabin. Erin kept trying to catch fireflies.


Then next morning we went to Rockbridge so Fred could fish for Trout. We had to ride through Brixey and this time we found the hidden driveway and drove our brand new Chrysler 300 touring edition rental car up a heavily overgrown driveway .6 miles until not one but two trees in the driveway made us stop.


We were able to move the first obstacle among many we encountered but the large oak put a stop to our car and we walked the last 100 or so feet to the house.


We were pleasantly surprised at how well maintained the house is. It is only a 2 bedroom 1 bath but it is nice. It needs some work but not much.


It has a huge garage and several other out buildings that I was too afraid to look at. There were spiders every where and I pulled 2-3 ticks off me. Yukky.


We have decided we can not pass up this opportunity.

The going back down the driveway after the difficulty drive up was easy once the trail was blazed but the poor car needed some TLC.


Fred did try to go fishing. After going through all the trouble of registering and finding a spot then unpacking his gear he climbed into the water and went almost immediately into hypothermia. We found a spot where he could stand on the bank and fish. He had no luck. It was too hot for the fish to bite we were told.


That's okay we still had fun and I took a lot of pictures.

Our time in Missouri flew by and after the little disaster with Cujo running off made the rest of our time in Missouri good at best. We packed up Saturday morning and spent the night in Springfield. We shopped all afternoon then ate dinner downtown at a trendy steak joint called the flame.

The Flame was expensive but awesome. Erin my very picky steak eater ordered the 8oz fillet. It was awesome to watch her face light up with delight at the first taste of her steak. I ordered the 14oz Kansas strip and was not disappointed. We had an appetizer of fried portabello mushrooms that were also awesome. Everything seemed to be freshly prepared and the service was great. We will definitely eat here again next time we are in Springfield.


The flight was almost uneventful. It was fun the crew as very funny and spent the majority of the flight selling raffle tickets and handing out souvenirs as the prices. We won a Florida towel Yeah! The only bad part was the young couple I sat next to. Thank God it was only a 2 hour flight is all I am going to say.

We had a good time overall and I can't wait to go back again.


Monday, August 04, 2008

Cujo is home.

We don't know where he was but he came home about 1:30am this morning. Seamus and Zach woke me up barking. Cujo was standing at the front door no worse for wear. He was very tired and very thirsty.

After three days we were loosing hope. We are happy and a little amazed that he is home and the first thing we do today is make sure the fence is fixed.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cujo - Lost Dog


We are still in Missouri trying to enjoy what is left of our vacation.

Yesterday our dogs got loose. Seamus and Zach were brought home but Cujo is no where to be found. He was last seen in the area of 19th/Virginia Ave. If anyone sees him please let us know.

He looks like a large Lab but is a Great Dane/Rottie mix. He is black but has a white blaze on his chest. He is @ 100lbs and is wearing an orange collar. He will be 4 years old tomorrow.

We will be home tomorrow and would love to have him there to greet us.