Saturday, May 26, 2007

24 hours of Bucky Covington

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I have lost my mind so to speak, either that or I am bored with my life. You think as busy as I stay I would not have anytime to be bored. This might be my mid life crisis but who knows.
I went to West Palm Beach last night with my friend Lisa and caught his free concert at Renegades. We had a few drinks took video and a few pictures. I was a bar so the quality is poor at best. We had a good time and that is all that matters.
Today we drove to Zellwood, Fl. to the corn festival and met Bucky and Rocky. I have pictures with both of them along with an autographed picture of Bucky and an autographed drum stick from Rocky. They are so polite and sweet and go out of there way for you. They are not like some people I have met in my life who make you feel like well you know.
The weather was great, sunny but with a cool breeze. A few clouds but no rain although it did threaten. We found great spots on the lawn and I took a bunch of pictures. Fred let me borrow his camera and it takes awesome shots. I have uploaded a few of the better ones to my Picture Trail account so go and enjoy.

Friday, May 25, 2007

It's not my birthday yet.....

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but my peeps at work help me celerate with cake, ice cream and flowers.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Fort Lauderdale

I am here at the Fort Lauderdale Grand Hotel attending The Governor’s Hurricane Conference at the Broward County Convention until Friday morning. My last class is at 10:30 am. My first workshop is a 2 day class in Basic Public Information. It has been pretty interesting and it is based around journalism which I do have an interest but being a PIO is not anything I care to do. Sure I could probable write a fairly adequate press release and I have given a few interviews in my time but apparently being a good PIO involves having to appear on T.V. from time to time and I am not into that. The camera always puts 50lbs on me if not more. I also have homework tonight. I have to write a press release on a car accident or a fire o something like that????? But I plan on waiting until later at least until after dinner to sit down and tackle that. I was thinking about pulling up a few real press releases and model mine after the best one I can find.
Like my room? It’s great. I have a king size bed all to myself with a balcony that faces out onto the docks. There is a nice breeze and if you don’t look down at the garbage floating in the water it is actually a nice view. I ended up having to pay for a weeks worth of internet at the tune of $45. That hurt a little. I will be eating out more often at the fast food joints but I will live. Today we had Taco Bell but tonight we plan on splurging at Moe’s. Pat my co-worker who is al attending says it’s pretty good and cheap just the way I like it.