Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

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Here is a pic of my daughters and their friends taken just hours ago. Beth is a psycho something while Erin is Malice in Wonderland. I made her outfit, isnt she cute!!!! I'm not sure what V is but there is a fairy, an unkown bag girl and a french maid.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Erin in the Morning

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I feel like I work all the time, except for the few rare moments we take to enjoy all that God has provided for us. I love Saturday mornings at the beach it is becoming a ritual.....

It is getting cold tonight; down in the 40's, and I get to work again. Even though I feel like I work or sleep all the time, I still manage to get a few things accompished. I have updated my novel sites. I have learned a few things lately that I feel has improved my writting immensely. See Sunshine and Daddy Bob, they both have new chapters.......

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I love Mornings......

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After I take Beth to school this morning, I come home and let the dogs out. They run around the yard watering their favorite spots. This morning they race over to the corner of our property; there is no barking or growling, but I know they are up to no good. As I walk over to see what it is they are doing Butch walks towards me with one of their stuffed toys.........or so I thought in the morning gloom……not!!!! As he gets closer I realize he is carrying an opossum. I am praying it is dead but I know better having lived in Florida most of my life. Butch is such a good dog...well this morning anyway. I yell "drop it" and he does. I get Butch and Zak inside but Cujo refuses.

So here I am barefooted walking in damp grass trying to catch my one year old pain in the butt very large very quick puppy. He is dancing around me and the possum. The possum moves and we both jump. I knew it was playing "possum". I finally grabbed the dog and get him inside the patio enclosure and I block off the doggy door. I rush back into the house an shut off the patio lights hoping the poor thing will get up and run away if it is no longer under the glaring lights in the back yard.

Here we all are standing on the patio watching this poor creature: Me, 3 dogs and the cat. I am hoping it is really dead but from prior experience my dogs are more likely to maim the poor creatures they catch in our back yard than kill. The opossum finally lifts its head and sees us standing there. Zak barks and starts to whine which gives the possum more than enough incentive to scurry away on 3 good legs. “Shit!!!” By the time I get the dogs back into the house the small creature has disappeared. I’m thinking he has crawled under our shed. When Fred wakes up I’ll make him go look for it. Until then, I think I’ll stay in the house…….

Friday, October 06, 2006

Fort Pierce - The Mark Foley Drama

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Fred took this picture on my camera several weeks ago. I love it. The colors are awesome. I love photography. I am lucky I reside in a beautiful state and I live in a pretty seaside town. I love my small town but sometimes I wonder if I should have packed up my family and left years ago. After the events of this past week I just want to hide my face in shame. This picture was taken almost directly across the street from Mark Foley’s now vacant condo. The media is camped just a few feet from the parking space where we stopped and took a few snap shots after a dinner at Chuck's. Large white box trucks clutter the roadside spoiling our view waiting for the FBI raid that so far has not occurred. The media is diligent though, the photographers want their shot so they stay. For three days now they have waited and only their editors know how long they will camp here.

You have to live in a cave not to have heard of Mark Foley’s “indiscretion”. Of course as the story progresses it seems he had many little “indiscretions”. I have several questions I need to ask today. Did he really do anything wrong because he never acted out his fantasy? Or did he? What are his true sins? Is this a sickness? Will therapy fix it? Why do offenders use the excuse of being a prior victim of molestation? I definitely don’t understand that one. Alcohol? Loneliness? More excuses pedophiles and sex addicts use to try to get people to pardon their actions. Is any excuse acceptable? No, not as far as I am concerned.

I want to know why all the perverts/pedophiles gravitate to Fort Pierce and the St Lucie County area. If you only knew how many men come to our area to have sex with minor children you would be appauld. Can you guess how many times in a week a child is harassed, followed, and propositioned by perverts? I just helped put one in jail two weeks ago for trying to lure a child into his vehicle and now I am looking for another that harassed my “V” when she was walking home the other day from school. She was smart and got his tag number. Unfortunately, it was a bad tag and we can’t trace it but I am still looking.

Bottom line, our children are not safe in our society. It is so sad when you are afraid to let your children even walk home from school. It is worse when they can’t even walk home the one block from their school bus and not get molested. It is even scarier to think that even in school our children are not safe. The madness of the last two weeks has me thinking maybe I need to pull my girls out of public school and educate them at home. As a parent what do you do? What can you do when the people you trust to make our laws are no better that the slimes that stalk our children like animals with only one thought on their mind?

What I keep thinking about as I read each new updated newspaper article and watch politicians scatter like roaches, how many other legislators, senators and aides are cut from the same cloth. Who are these people that run our government and what are they really doing behind closed doors. I never used to care, it wasn’t any if my business but now maybe it's the most important question we should be asking?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Today my son had his face pierced!

Actually it may not be as drastic as it sounds but.....

I knew I was in trouble when he walks out on to the patio "I love you Mommy."
I'm in the pool trying to get a little exercise and sun. I have been working so much lately I don't have time to do more than catch up on my sleep. My son so grown up walks out and proudly shows off his new facial feature. My baby has a barb through his lower lip.

"What happened to the tatoo you wanted?" Is the only thing I can think to say.

"I was in a weird mood today so I got a piercing." Is what he tells me.

I don't know who this young man is any more but I do realize he is finally starting to spread his wings and will soon leave the nest. Just last week he took his first vacation going to Atlanta for an Anime Con. I also found out he is smoking.

He accused me of making living at home to easy and that I don't want him to leave.

All True.

I can't yell at him I did worse when I was his age......

I just hope he doesn't come home with anything else pierced.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sunday, October 01, 2006