Monday, January 16, 2006

She's here.

Kyra Eleanor has arrived. She is 8 plus lbs and 21 inches long. My husband was not sure of the ounces.

She is a healthy little girl and we will get to see her Saturday, which gives me plenty of time to finish her quilt............

Lil Princess is on her way.

We just recieved the call from Grandpa to let us know Jennifer is in the hospital. I did not think Dave was supppose to be here until next weekend...

Anyway for those who have been trying to keep up with Jen from her blog and just happened to visit mine. Lil princess is on her way and I will let you know when she arrives..........

Friday, January 13, 2006

I really thought my life was normal but I could be wrong

Oh my god, the stuff that goes on in this town is amazing sometimes. I could write a book really I could. This week has been unsettling.

Tuesday I received a call at work from a young man in La Jolla, Cal. He works for, apparently there was a subject bragging about assaulting a law enforcement in our county on one of their forums. I had not heard anything so I called FHP to see what they had. The other operator informed me that this weekend a trooper was assaulted during a traffic stop and they did not yet have the subject in custody so I referred him to FHP. Not ten minutes later FHP was calling back trying to get the call back number. I gave her what information I had and waited to hear back from her. I heard from Stuart PD my friend I'll call him Tom started his search there. Well curiosity got the best of me and I called him back after about an hour. He was having problems emailing the information to FHP so I told him to just give me what link he had and then I would walk FHP through. In less than 5 minutes I was on the site trying to read "Gangsta ryda's" forum. Oh my god what an idiot. I called FHP walked her through it is now there investigation. I kinda kick myself in the butt a little I did not think to ask for the IP address subject was using. It is pretty easy to track an IP address to the credit card user. As far as I know there has been no arrest but I keep reading the news paper for any news and will update.

On the more upsetting side, we had an arrest in our extended family. I was floored when a friend of mine called me at work to let me know. My niece's step father was arrested for sexual battery on a handicapped minor. The charges sound awful and to read the paper he sounds like the scum of the earth. However I know this man and I have a hard time believing the charges. I just don't feel it in my heart. Considering my own history I would hope that I could see that type of person from a mile away, I have never felt this from him. Savannah loves this man with all her heart and spends most of her weekends with him. She is a trooper though she will do everything she can to prove her father innocent if she can. Several people I have spoken to believe the father is the one that is pushing the teen to make this claim after the mother moved in with Bobby two weeks ago. Some are calling it a triangle but others closer to the situation said it was Bobby being nothing but generous. She was having problems and needed a place to stay so he let her stay with him. They were suppose to be just friends. The teen victim spent alot of time at the house.

This incident is tragic in so many ways. I was surprised at the support Bobby has gotten from his friends and family so many have stepped up and vouched for his character. I believe he is a good and caring person but I don't know him well enough to step up but I am here to support my niece and I will stand by her for as long as this takes. So many times I have read stories so similar to this but I have never seen so much support from family and friends for the suspect. I am amazed and makes me think there is a lot more to the story than what the press has presented. This will be another on going story.

Well I'm at work and I need to go I just took a suicide attempt and they are flying him out by helicopter to the nearest trama unit. I ve been here a hour and its already started. By the way did anyone notice it was a full moon and it's Friday the 13th.............

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Somebody turn up the heat it's cold.

Oh my God I have lived in Florida too long, It went down into the low 30's last night and I was freezing. This morning my loving husband made me get out of a warm bed to take the dogs out. He was running late for work again. I am not happy so I slam the bedroom door on my way out and do not take the time to look for my shoes. So here I am angry dressed in my p.j.s and my robe standing outside on my back patio barefooted watching my dogs run around pissing all over everything. They are in their element they have on fur coats and for some reason frozen grass smells better than the regular thawed out kind. My dogs take much longer this morning then they usually do, I can finally stand it no more my feet are starting to hurt so I make them come back in. I told my husband I had frostbite but I don't think he believed me. Anyway, it's cold outside.

Last night wasn't to bad we went to Piers' house for a Baby Party for Roxanne. She is a co-worker and friend and eight month's pregnant. She is so big she looks like she is carrying twins. Just for quick reference A baby party is just like a shower except everybody is invited and alcohol is served. The children get to drink apple cider and virgin jello shots are also provided. My friend Julie showed my daughters the technique for getting the jello out of the container without having to squeeze it. They both thought it was gross and just squeezed it out of their cups. Pier had a firepit in the back yard and I spent much of my time outside. It was very nice. It was chilly but the fire kept me mostly warm and toasty. A good time was had by all but we had to leave around 10pm because Fred had to work in the morning.

Just a quick update on Beth and her busing situation. Fred smoothed everything over and she is back on the bus.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

School Buses and Cell Phones

I am beginning to think I am raising a trouble maker. Elizabeth has gone and done it again. Yesterday she was kicked off her school bus.

My first day back on day shift was bad enough. I over slept, I was yelled at and told I have a bad attitude of course by people calling in bullshit. If one more animal lover accuses me of having a poor attitude because I am not sympathetic to the plight of a dead puppy or annoying barking dogs I think I may scream.

Now on top of dealing with the stress of work, Beth calls me when she gets home and tells me her driver let her ride home that afternoon but she was not to ride her bus ever again. She was nice enough to provide her with another bus number and her new stop which is at 10th/Boston. We don't live there anymore. I had the children change their address at the school but I did not think about the bus driver, my mistake, so now we are dealing with a zone issue. We are out of zone. Our new home is about 5 blocks out of our old zone and not wanting to disrupt out children's lives I kept our old address on file at the school until we longer held possession of it. (We gave it away in November just to get rid of it.)

This all started out innocently enough, Fred called Beth on her cell phone to make sure she made the bus. I'm at work, he's at work so she walked to the bus stop yesterday morning. When she answers she is already on the bus sitting behind the driver. Beth has the phone on and on vibrate now the driver did not hear the phone ring the bus is too loud she just sees Beth talking on the phone. She starts demanding to know who is on the phone. Beth told her its her father checking on her. While she is on the phone with Fred she starts crying because the driver is now demanding that Beth give her the phone. Fred tells her to just hang up and put the phone away he will take care of it later. Beth said when the driver asked her for the phone she just told her no then put the phone away. Now the driver is pissed and if I were her I would probably be angry too. She has signs posted over every seat no gum, no head phones, and no cell phones. These are her rules.

Now school rules don't say anything about cellular phone use. However anything that causes a disruption on school property is considered contraband and can be confiscated. I am assuming this rule applies to school buses. The rules themselves are very vague and leave all the discretion up to the school board. Fred is suppose to go and talk to someone today after he drops off Beth. I hope he can work it out I'd hate to have to go back to midnights because of this.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Best 911 Calls of 2006 So Far

It has barely been 2006 for 6 hours and we have had some interesting calls. We have stayed busy most of the morning answering calls for loud parties and domestic, we have had only a few minor accidents and no fatalities. It has been a good night but I am ready to go home and relax.

So far the first call of the two interesting calls we had this morning was about a stolen vehicle. An older gentlemen took a day cruise on the Princess out of the Port of Palm Beach today, at the completion of the cruise the gentleman and his sister went to retrieve his vehicle from the Valet. They were instructed to get their vehicle from a specific garage and the keys would be found on the floor board. They located their vehicle loaded up and drove back to St Lucie County. Several hours after arriving the gentleman noticed that the vehicle parked in his garage was not his. The car was almost identical except for a few minor details and the license plate number. He called 911 to report the fact that he had stolen a vehicle, believe me this dose not happen very often so we sent an officer to check it. All the deputy could really do was send him back to Palm Beach, no one has reported the car missing yet and he had to return to get his vehicle anyway...............

The next story we all thought was a little humorous. A lady stopped by a store to pick up a few things this morning on her way to work when a suspicious person approached her vehicle. She quickly locked her door and drove away. Now she is safe and has left the scene of the incident however instead of going on to work she returns home and then calls 911. When asked why she went home she replied that she did not want the suspicious person to know where she worked incase he followed her so she just drove home. Enough said.....................................