Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pioneer Woman Cookbook

Yeah my cookbook arrived today. It is such an awesome book. The colors, the pictures, the stories and the recipes make a wonderful combination that makes this book so much more than just a book of recipes. Thak you Ree!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

And Aquaponics continues....

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This poor cilantro is all that survives from my last attempt. The spinach was a bust. My tomatoes are potted but not doing so well.

I have purchased some new seeds. Sage, thyme, true lavender, caper and bietola de coste (a green leafy veggie). I'm not sure if I will try them all but diffinately starting some sage , thyme and the leafy stuff.

Testing Photo Attachments

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This so cool.

Remote Blogging

Have I mentioned how much I love my phone. I just down loaded a new app. That allows me to post remotely. This should be cool.

Testing testing.....

Now how do you add pics?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama wins the Nobel Peace Price?

I try very hard to stay in the middle of the road when it comes to politics. But I don't feel this at all. I like President Obama, he gives uplifting and compassionate speeches. He is working very hard to make changes. He is our first minority president. He has done some amazing things in the past year but he has also made a lot of mistakes and tends to waffle on his own policy. I very much want to be proud of my country for its accomplishments and know that I should be proud of our president for winning this award but I sincerely can not. It makes no sense intellectually nor do I feel it in my heart. There are more deserving candidates.

There were 205 Nominees: among them Zimbabwe's Morgan Tsvangirai former trade union activist and opposition leader current prime minister in a national unity government with Mugabe since February 2009, jailed Chinese dissident Hu Jia, Colombian senator Piedad Cordoba who has campaigned for a peaceful solution to the almost 50-year-old conflict in her country, Afghan doctor and women's rights activist Sima Samar, French-Colombian ex-hostage Ingrid Betancourt , Jordan's Prince Ghazi Bin Muhammad Bin Talal, an advocate of inter-religious dialogue, Vietnamese Buddhist monk and democracy advocate Thich Quang Do, Chechen human rights lawyer Lidiya Yusupova, and Russian activist Svetlana Gannushkina.

This is the same president who snub a visit with the Dah li Lama, the most peaceful man on our planet so as not to offend China. A national with some of the worst human rights violations. I know how important global unity is and President Obama has made some very energetic speeches but not Nobel Peace Price Caliber. I look at all Jimmy Carter has accomplished in his life time and know this man deserved it but I am not so sure about Obama.