Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I broke my iphone.

I really loved my phone. Its at a friends house and he is trying to fix it but I am pretty sure its done. I only had it maybe three weeks but it was a wonderful device. It was a hand me down and didn't cost much but I still loved it.

I am back to using my Pantech and oh boy what a piece of technology this phone is. It wont let me access the internet or my mail.

I guess I'll live.

I did this to myself. I lost my temper something I haven't done in a long time but I did and my phone which I love is now broken.

Why do men have this unbelievable ability to shut down rational thinking and turn a happy women into raging psychotic who then breaks her phone.

It made a horrible cracking noise when it hit the wall.

I miss my phone. I may trade my man in for a new one.