Thursday, June 18, 2009

Aerogarden - Day 32

I feel safe to say that my little project is doing very well. I have been anxiously waiting to see if all my fish were going to die. They started dieing off not too long after I put the plants in the water. This was also about the same time my hubby added more fish to the tank because I did not have enough in it. I just knew it was because of the nitrates. Then I decided it was ick or some other fish disease but I was afraid to add medication to the water because of the plants. I did not want to kill the plants in the process of trying to save the fish.


I waited it out and all seems to be well. What ever it was has run it's course. I think the last batch of fish had a sick one in it because the plants are doing great. It is definitely not the water.


The plants are not as thick as I thought they would be but they are growing very well. The tall plant in the back is the basil.


The oregano is on the right and is still a little small but doing well.


Nice leafy lettuce.


Now back to the beginning. More leafy Lettuce, Basil and Oregano.


The only thing I did different this time is add more seeds to the containers and I did not separate the leafy lettuce seeds. Can't wait to see how this next batch turns out.