Friday, March 20, 2009

Fort Pierce Carjacking.

For some reason our little town just can not stay out of the national news. If it's not the Chicken McNuggett incident its fleeing felons shot on the interstate. Yes we had a carjacking yesterday and I was sitting in between the two main dispatchers that handled the city and the county units involved. I helped as much as I could. We were all pumped up. You could have cut the adrenaline flowing in the room with a knife. It affected everyone even our Operations Managers who were busy monitoring and notify the big bosses over Public Safety. The chase ended abruptly with "shots fired" and "man down". I was positive it was the bad guy shot just by the tone of the officers voice and I was right.

Am I an adrenaline junkie. Oh Hell Yeah! and this is why I am a dispatcher still after almost 17 years.

I-95 north bound and south bound were closed for hours after the incident which meant we had to go back to field calls of the non-emergency sort. Traffic jams and the people stuck in it.


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The McNuggett Incident

Only in Ft Pierce and it gets better. We made amongst others. Click on the title for the news article or go to the TMZ site. The audios are all there.

This incident typifies the kind of calls 911 center get everyday. These are the kind of calls that cause dispatcher burn out and apathy. This is one of the reasons the 911 lines are clogged to the point that emergency lines ring unanswered.