Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Desert Inn

We took a break from work this weekend and traveled to Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios barring a little hiccup with dog sitting, the weekend was pretty good. However the highlight of our eating experience during this trip was on our way home at a quaint little scary looking infamous place called the Desert Inn in Yeehaw Junction. I have driven past this place for years but have never been brave enough to stop.


The hand of fate (an argument over Golden Corral vs Denny's) guided us to this little oasis in the middle of no where. This small greasy spoon is a family business. Mom cooking and daughter serving. I heard a small child in the back playing.

The interior was very unique. We were greeted by two Native Americans, they looked to be Seminole from their dress. They were polite and very quiet.


There was what I like to call an anti graffiti manikin in the ladies bathroom and spiders hanging from the ceiling by threads. I scared Erin and all I had to do was tell her to look up.....


The service was slow and needs improvement but the food was home cooked and good. It was hot and filling and exactly as I excepted it to be. I love grits... no instant here. Hot and right off the burner. I did not have the sausage and gravy but the boys seemed impressed and left very little trace of it on their plates. Kasia had waffles that were fresh from the iron. They were fluffy and golden brown. Beth was pretty sure the biscuits were hand made.


I believe the next time we travel up the turnpike we will wait for the Yeehaw Junction exit and eat at the Desert Inn.

P.S. It is also report that this structure is haunted. It was used as a bordello in the 1930s and a few people died here. We did not see anything during our visit but who knows what we might see or hear the next time.