Monday, July 30, 2007

Greyhound Adventure

I am leaving this morning on Greyhound to Knoxville, Tn to pick up my mother who is having health issues. Long story short, I needed transportation and Marie at the bus station found the earliest and cheapest mode of travel. I leave at 8:25 am on a 20 hour bus ride. What a story this will make.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Done with the Deathly Hollows

I t took me 34 hours but I am done. I purchased the book 2am Friday night and finished it just a little while ago. I can not discuss the book with anyone in my house and my husband is threatening me with bodily harm if I snitch. He is currently up to page 76.

I am hoping to get back on blogger soon and be more diligent in posting I have been having issues with my laptop. It broke Fred fixed and it broke again so I have been forced to use Fred's computer when he lets me......... The new part wont be in until next week if Im lucky......

Update, Warren moved out Wednesday and now lives in Casselberry just north of Orlando. I miss him already but he is an adult and they have to move on sometime and be adults. Fred helped him pack up and helped him get settled into a nice 4 bedroom home in a gated community that he is sharing with three of his friends. I have to wait until August to see just how nice his new roommates and house really are........