Monday, February 26, 2007

1st Place St Lucie Co Fair

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2nd Place St Lucie Co Fair

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2nd Place SLC Fair


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Award winning photographers live in my house.

The St Lucie County Fair is here and Fred and Elizabeth both entered photographs into the Art Show. Beth took first place and two second place prizes in Division 1 Juniors. Fred took a first place in Division 2 Adult. I am not sure what the category's are and at this point I dont care I am just very proud of my photographers. They both have a natural talent and it is wonderful see them get recognition for that talent. I looked for the pictures this morning I really wanted to post them but I ran out of time. Maybe tonight...........maybe.....

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Anniversay and No Snow Here!!!!

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It’s cold and we have had a few rain showers but nothing major. I just wanted to post a picture of a beautiful winter day on the beach with crisp refreshing breezes, a gorgeous blue and mostly clear sky. I wish I had more time to enjoy the beach but I am back at work “grinding” the overtime. I am averaging about 25 hours a week O.T. and hope to keep up this pace as long as I can. Bills have to be paid and I have too many things I need to do this year.

I hate being broke but what do you do…….

On a brighter note……today is my 17th wedding anniversary. I have to work all day because for some reason I keep thinking my anniversary is on the 19th so silly me I take an O.T. slot. I really wanted to go to Benihannas so last night we dressed up and enjoyed a wonderful meal. We have talked about going for years but something always came up but I was determined to go this year. After a few minor glitches (Fred lost his debit card) we finally made it to the restaurant 15 minutes early. We had drinks at the bar and watch the chefs make sushi. We sat with a family who were celebrating a birthday they were nice but not real chatty. The chef was awesome and the food was very good so good that we plan to return next month for someones???? birthday.