Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

I did not crawl out of bed until after 9am, I love sleeping in. I love having the whole weekend off I do it so rarely. I love having my family home and spending time with them.

VH1 played heavy metal tribute all weekend but Fred worked so he tried hard to catch up on it today. He spent most of the morning with Elizabeth by his side on the couch watching and listening to music videos. I guess about noon he decided he wanted to barbecue so he and both the girls headed for Wallyworld for supplies. He bought hamburgers, hot dogs,sausage, chips, dip and pool toys. The dogs have pretty much destroyed what few pool toys we have left.

By 1 pm we were all in the pool. Fred and Beth pulled out our volleyball net and strung it across the pool after an interesting game of chase the volleyball around the pool and general horse play we retired to our lounge chairs. I think I lasted about 30 minutes maybe out of the water. The sun was hot today. By 3 pm it was nap time, I get to work tonight and I was tired.

I slept for about 2 hours the aroma of grilled food finally woke me up. I was bad I ate sausage dog and a cheeseburger then ran out the door for work. I was a little later than I usually am getting to work but I did make it. I was already turning red by the time a made it into the center. The word lobster was passed around by a few of my co-workers. My scalp is even a bit pink and sensitive to the touch. I hope it turns nice and brown I really hate to blister and peal. At 42 my skin is not as resilient as it used to be. I should be lathering myself under a ton of tanning lotion but I enjoy the sun too much and I love the look of a good healthy tan.

This weekend was so nice that having to come back into work and dealing with reality was a major shock to my delicate system by 9pm I had a tension head ache and my shoulder muscles felt as hard as rocks. The calls for domestics were about the same as any weekend but the severity was up a couple of notches. I took atleast 3 domestics in which the most information I was able to obtain was an address. They all called in on cells so of course I had no idea where they were in a few cases neither did the complainants. Did I mention that I love my job? Anyway the domestics tended to be open phone lines with the male and female screaming at each other with a friend or two mixed in for additional drama.

However the most common call we received tonight up until 11 pm was in reference to the Caribbean Carnival that was held at Lawnwood Stadium just approx 4 blocks from my home. I could hear the music most of the day from my living room and at times I could even make out a melody or too but it wasn't too bad. We could not hear it from the back patio at all. When I left for work the music was crystal clear from my driveway. If I had not needed to go to work I could have sat in my front yard and just enjoyed the music. Many of my neighbors including the ones across the street and immediately next to me called along with the rest of the neighborhood as the concert continued up past 9:30 pm. I was assured that it was loud earlier but now it was unbearable and it was bed time people have to work in the morning.......
Most people were nice but there were a few who called several times demanding we do something. Repeated calls and questions from the officers themselves were no help no one seemed to know how long the concert was suppose to go for. By 10:30 my head was pounding and we were assured they were closing down for the night. We easily fielded a dozen or more calls by the time they finally closed it down at 11pm. Since then it has been much nicer in the center, infact it is almost like a Sunday night nice and quiet.....................

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy Birthday to me and first kisses.........

Well another year has passed and I am another year older. As of Yesterday I am 42. I slept late, went to the farmer's market, went shopping with my daughters and then came home and cleaned house. Not an exciting day but a good day. Fred had to work the hospital so I did not see him much but Friday evening we spent time putting my new desk together. I am officially a little more orgainzed. I am no longer using my antique table as a desk. Happy Birthday to me.

My daughter's are getting older and Beth had her first kiss Friday night we teased her a little but that's what we are suppose to do. Erin asks me if I remmber my first kiss. You know your old when you have to think about it and get it wrong on the first try. My first kiss was also my first love. At 14 years old I fell in love with a boy that was two years older than me. I met him at the skating rink in North Charleston and I beleive he was a friend of my best friend Donna. I may be wrong. Anyway I recall my first kiss, it was with a boy named Tim Maull. We were sitting listening to a marching band play in Branchville when he leaned over and kissed me. It was very nice so nice we spent all afternoon doing nothing but kissing. Infact I think during our time together that's what we did most of the time.

Tim and I ended up breaking up but we remained freinds for years until he was married anyways. He married his high school sweet heart Sherry and as far as I know they are still happily married. I know he has a daughter named Elizabeth who is about the same age as mine or maybe a little older. He still lives in Charleston S.C. I miss him and think about him sometimes but you never forget your first love or a good friend for that matter. I hope his life has been as full and happy as mine. He was such a nice guy I know he had to grow up and become a wonderfaul man and a great father. I was lucky to know him and wish him and his family all the best.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Last day of School at St Lucie Elementary

Yep today was the day summer vacation has officially begun. Beth like all the other teens did not go these last two days. She was promoted to ninth grade so she is done. All her friends are on my space so she's happy. Erin however was a totally different story, if she could keep going to school she would. She loves school. Today was really hard on her. She had to say good bye to her friends and teachers. When she came home today she was crying. Later on she told me that as she was leaving both Mrs. Avilla and Mrs. Bolderdorf were crying. Fred even had a hard time keeping a straight face. Erin told me that many of her friends were upset and crying today. Her friend Morgan was very upset and even Alex had red eyes. He is very upset they will not be at the same schools next year.

I am also taking toda a little hard, my family has been with St Lucie Elementary for 14 years. My 20 year old son attended when he was in 5th grade and then Beth attended the next year as a kindergartener and now Erin who also started as a kindergarener is going onto middle school. I never would have imagined that she would have taken the last day of school so hard but then again I did not think I would either. I still tear up a little because I will no longer be a St Lucie Elementary parent. I think what is making it so hard on everybody is the new districting. Most kids are still bused many bused to Fort Pierce from Port St Lucie. Most of my girl's friends live in Port St Lucie and next year will be going to their neighborhood schools. Most of Erin's friends will be attending PSL schools while she will go to Dan McCarty Middle here in Ft PIerce. Her best friend Carlyn and her boyfriend Alex are both going to the new middle school in St Liucie West. Many of the teachers a St Lucie Elementary are aslo switching schools to be closer to home.

I pushed hard for this new districting program. It makes sense and it will save money in transportation but I never thought of how hard it will be on our children. They will be seperated from their friends by district lines. I know diversity is good and so is change but today is a sad day in St Lucie County. Instead of happy children eager to celebrate the beginning of summer my 10 yeqr old daughter worries that she might never see her friends again.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

5th Grade moving up Ceremony

I wish Erin would have smiled but she is still beautiful.  Posted by Picasa

8th Grade Dance


Elizabeth looks so beautiful. This is her first semi-formal event and we hope it is the first of many to come. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Do you remember Candies?

When I was a tennager, we all wanted to wear Candies. Candies were a very simple high heel pump that came in a variety of colors and styles. They were so cute. All my friends had them but I was not allowed to wear them nor could I afford them. So like many girls forbidden we borrowed them from our friends that let us and wore them when our parents werent around. Unlike other shoes you could not just slip them on and go, walking in Candies was an art. You had to learn how to walk in your Candies. In the late 70's we wore our Candies with very tight jeans and t-shirts. I loved those little shoes.

Now I am 42 and I dont wear heels unless I absolutely have to. My daughters and I went shopping this past weekend looking for the elusive shrug that they could wear with their dresses for their end of the year dances. Both have dresses with spagetti straps which are against dress code. Anyway we went shopping and I ended up buying myself shoes. I bought a black pair from walmart and then a little white strappy heel from Traffic. They reminded me of the Candies I wore so long ago. They are actually comfortable. I wore them to work tonight my toes are cold but they look good.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown

I finally finished it this morning. I thought Fred was going to have a cow I read all but the last chapter last night and he could not believe I just didnt finish it.
I really liked the book. It was a .good story, original plot and a decent climax. I was not glued to the book like I was with Angels and Demons but this book is fast past but not as fast as that one. Plus my eyes are starting to hurt from all the reading and writing I have been doing lately. I really need glasses.

Please take the book for what it is a piece of fiction. As I said before he makes a lot of interesting points and adds history to his fiction but that is all it is a book. Dan Brown twists facts to his own advantage while using ancient myth and theology I like it. I never would have read iton my own if my husband had not made me read it. I have a bad habit of just reading certain novelist and I need to change and broaden my horizons. Enjoy this book for it's entertainment value and be thankful for an author that challenges you to use your brain and think........

I recommend it as a good read.......

Monday, May 08, 2006

Tom Cruise MI:III vs. South Park

I found this very humorous. Personlly I have chosen to boycott Tom Cruise. I am very loyal South Park by Mat Stone and Trey Parker. South Park makes me laugh almost daily. Matt and Trey tell it like it is by using humor and satire. There is always a message to each show and they pick fun at everyone. I belive that humor is healthy and if you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at?

Everyone is allowed to their own opinion but I feel Tom Cruise has gone overboard. I personally feel he is on the same track as Wacko Jacko. Maybe there is something to the quote by Lord Acton: Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.
When Tom Cruise used his position to have a South Park sensored he went to far. I understand he is a big supporter of Scientology but please I am not and I don't ever plan to be so don't shove it's doctrine down my throat just let me watch South Park!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kasha is here.....

I love it when Kasha comes to visit. She is always happy and cheerful. The girls love her and the dogs wont leave her alone. For those who don't know the story of Kasha I'll fill you in, Fred met Kasha during a traffic accident. After finding out that Kasha had no one here in town to pick her up after her vehicle was total he offered to drive her home and during their conversation he learned she was here in the USA from Poland. She needed some help and we decided we could help her. We offered her to move in with us until she was able to get settled at FAU in Boca where she is finishing her 4 year degree. Kasha has no family in the USA, she has made many friends but most of them are starving students like herself. She needed a family and we were happy to let her join ours and we have never regretted it. She has just finished her finals in Boca and is spending the week with us. We are hoping she will spend the summer with us. Well see I guess.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Retailers Requesting Phone Numbers

I never really thought much of giving out my phone number to clerks at the check out line. I have done it many times in the past but today I was caught off guard when the clerk at Staples asked for my phone number after I had written a check. I don't recall ever being asked for that information before at this store. I usually use cash or up until last month my debit card. I have since closed out 2 bank accounts and opened a new account and just never ordered a debit card. I have a check book and it keeps me away from the ATM.

This just dose not make sense to me with a debit/credit card you just swipe and sign no identification is required. With a check my name and address is printed on it along with my signature, I must prove who I am by presenting my ID card that has my name address and signature on it. My phone number is not on either of this items for a reason That is my personal information and I pay to keep that information private I should not have to give it if I don't want to. The clerk hassled me until I finally caved and gave her my work phone number. Hell, I could have given her any number as long as she got one. The damn computer would not let her finish the transaction until I gave her a 10 digit number. It's not like I was not asking for a loan and the check was for only a little over $20.00.

In the age of computers, you would think they would be able to instantly check and verify my check. Weight Watchers and Paws and Claws use the technology. You would think Staples and other big chains would use the same program. Neither Publix nor Walmart ask me for my phone number so I don't understand why Staples need for a phone number unless they plan on selling/sharing the information and they can do that without my permission because the clerk asked me and I gave it to her.